Who We Are

LoanBoo is a service that connects people with lenders - we are not a lender.

We want to make sure that our customers understand that we do not accept loan applications, make any loans, approve or deny loan requests or set any of the rates or terms offered to you. Our goal is to help you connect with lenders or other relevant financial services providers who have offers that might be a benefit to you. Not all of our partners work in every state.

Free To Use

LoanBoo does not charge for any service. We are paid directly by our lending partners as well as other offers posted on our website.

Know Your Credit Score

We ask you for a current and accurate credit score. If you do not know your score, we provide a way for you to find out what it is.

Available Loan Types

Our lending partners offer many different types of loans, including: unsecured loans, installment loans, business loans, and auto loans.

How we can help...

LoanBoo takes the information that you provide and connects you with our network of lending partners. When we transmit your information, lenders may reply with an offer based partially on your credit score, income, state in which you reside among other factors. If you are connected to one of our lenders you will have no obligation to take the loan being offered to you. You will have the opportunity to review the rate and terms before accepting. Connecting with a lender does not guarantee that you will be offered a loan.

LoanBoo is a completely online service. Our system will process the information that you provide in as little as a few seconds to make a decision on which lender or lenders to connect you with. The entire process takes the average user a few minutes to complete. A key piece of information that we will ask you to provide is a current and accurate credit score preferably obtained within the last 30 days. You are not required to use our credit score or credit monitoring partners to obtain your score, but links will be provided for your convenience. Their services may charge a fee, but that fee should be disclosed up front before you are required to decide if you want to take advantage of the offer. The credit score provided may not match the credit score pulled by a lender. You are not obligated to provide your credit score to us, but by providing one you are like to receive more offers that better fit your needs.